Sainthood Must Wait

Aung San Suu Kyi has lost her halo — that circle of unearthly radiance around a person’s head that is the trademark of sainthood — say pundits and analysts.

What they mean is that she is no longer the apostle of democracy that she used to be. In religious art, icons and halos go together. No longer so in her case. In the eyes of people who are disappointed with her recent assertions and political behavior, she’s been decanonized.

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Operation Merdeka

Two weeks ago, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III went to Corregidor, the island that lies at the mouth of Manila Bay, and led the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the “Jabidah Massacre.”

At the memorial, Aquino said: “On March 28, 1968, my father delivered a speech in the Senate about the events that history would come to know as the Jabidah Massacre. He revealed the Marcos regime’s plan to claim Sabah; it was called Operation Merdeka.”

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